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We Are The Home Care Academy

The Home Care Academy is a Home Care Business Consulting firm. We have over 50 years of Healthcare experience as well as having helped numerous home care business’s – both franchise and private – launch, grow, become accredited, and sell in Canada. We understand the challenge home care can be and we offer strategic processes for our clients to become successful in their own home care journey. The Home Care Academy specializes in home care consulting for medical and non-medical home care agencies across Canada.

We provide quality consulting services that include start-up home care consulting services, consulting with experienced home care agencies and improving their functionality, as well as continued support to ensure we can help you achieve your company’s goals.

We are firm believers in education and continued learning. One component of continued success in a person’s home care journey is the continuing education of their employees.

Enhance Your Knowledge

Ongoing Caregiver Training

The Home Care Academy offers training for caregivers and office staff in the Canadian home care industry.

— Our Most Popular Courses —



This class was created for professional support workers to understand dementia and apply recommended care strategies for supporting a client living with dementia in the clients own home.

  Client Aggression

In this class, we will explore what aggression is, how to recognize and how to diffuse, and deal with in a calm professional manner. Safety of caregiver and client will be discussed.


This class demonstrates the importance of observing, documenting and reporting on a client’s condition. Caregivers will learn techniques for objective and subjective observation, elements and types of reports, and characteristics of effective documentation.


In this class, we discuss clients’ privacy, security (confidentiality), and related rights. The class also discusses ethical behavior as it relates to being a caregiver.